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Aug 09


Aug 09

P750 FAN ROOM for 29 Hours (in 09 A.M. / out 2 P.M. the following day!) with Cable TV and Private Bath, Queen Bed, and access to Swimming Pool and WIFI

Our cheapest budget price room rate – P750 peso FAN ROOM @ Daniela’s Place, COME, SEE, TRY and DECIDE! with swimming pool and a lot more! Open 24 hrs a day.    Room is 20 square meter with queen bed, good for 2 persons, no extra charge for the 3rd person if using existing  bed. It has …

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Jun 06

4th Birthday Celebration of Daniela’s Younger Brother

Feb 10

Greetings: Advance Happy Valentines Day to All!

We will be having a free food potluck on February 14th 2016 at 6 pm. Anybody can join us but the beasts. Come and celebrate it with us. Why pay a lot in a fancy restaurant if you can spend it with us, a lot cheaper with free drama as always, only here at Daniela’s …

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Nov 30

Holiday Promo 2015

Feb 21

Free Food on March 2nd here at Daniela’s Place at 5pm

Let’s all join Daniela’s Mom –  Ms. Reme on March 2nd at 5pm to celebrate the anniversary of her birth. She’s going to be 31 this year. Every one is invited but the bad beasts! Come and join us 🙂

Dec 22

Daniela’s Birthday Dec 23, 2014

We all invite everyone to come on Daniela’s big day. Time flies by, she’s growing up so fast. She’s turning 6th this Dec. 23rd. See you all then at our little party celebrating her natal day! She’s been looking forward to it. We will have foods for free and some “drama” as it always has …

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Oct 08

Congratulations to the Newly Wed

Congratulations to the newly wed. You are now united as one under the law and the eyes of God. Let your marriage grow and last forever with the passion of love. We are grateful that you let us witness this big event in both of your lives. Best wishes to both of you!

Oct 06

David Charles Moore 3rd Birthday Party 2014

Another year came for you David Charles to celebrate the life that has given to you by our Father Almighty. We are glad to be a part of your very young life. Go, live and enjoy the gift of life! Be the boy your Mommy and Daddy wants you to be. Happy, happy birthday and …

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Aug 10

Free food and Booze on August 12, 2014 @ 5 pm here at Danielas Place

We all invite you to witness the wedding anniversary celebration of Daniela’s parents here at Danielas Place. Its been six successful years they have been together being married. We have not been blind how these two strive to face the battle against all odds to make the marriage stay happy and strong as days go …

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