Apr 12

Free Veiwing Pacquiao Fight on April 13th 2014

Sep 09

P500 FAN ROOM for 29 Hours (in 07 A.M. / out 12 noon the following day!) with Cable TV and Private Bath, Queen Bed, and access to Swimming Pool and WIFI

Room is 20 square meter with queen bed, good for 2 persons, no extra charge for the 3rd person if using existing  bed. It also have cable TV and private hot and cold shower. It is available from 9am up to 5 pm only, restrictions will apply.

It is not a 5 star hotel room but for budget rooms, it has a lot to offer compare to other hotels.

Check out our free bs shown below.

Sep 07

Pot Luck and Karaoke Night here at Danielas Place Apartelle


Potluck Every Sunday @ 6 P.M.

Bring your best dish and share it with other folks here at Danielas Place. If Dan can cook, and so can you..

Have fun hanging out by pool area. We also have Karaoke going on while food is served! KARAOKE NIGHTWith a very affordable drinks


3 for a P100 HAPPY HOUR from 9AM – 5PM. 


Karaoke night is only every Sunday from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.

If Dan can sing, so can you! So what are you waiting for come on over and join us! We also have


MOVIE night every Friday at 6 P.M.